Tradeshow Experience

Rovi CES 2015


After a series of mergers and acquisitions, Rovi was concerned that their brand message had become fragmented and wanted to use their CES 2015 trade show experience as an opportunity to present a cohesive brand story to their customers.

New Guy on the Team

Through a partnership between The Glue and Rovi, I became an embedded member of Rovi’s internal design team. An additional wrinkle to the team dynamic was that, aside from the first week when all of us work together on site in Burbank, CA, all team members worked remotely from their respective locations (San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles). Fortunately the team welcomed me with open arms and I was able to quickly establish working relationships with each of the members.

Working under the guidance of the Senior Creative Director, I managed the team of four on the project for the two months leading up to CES. Since we were working remotely for the majority of the project, there was a great emphasis on constant communication which allowed us to maintain a collaborative working environment.

The Results

While some of the work had already begun before I came aboard, the team worked diligently to develop and finalize a visual language that would graphically represent Rovi as a sum of elaborate but complementary parts. After a few weeks of exploration, we found that the best way to clearly represent the different layers of Rovi’s brand capabilities was as cascading color lines based off of the existing color palette.

Once the visual language was established, we were able to execute the different visual elements within the huge ballroom space including an 8-foot high wall that spanned 155 feet. The wall, which began at the ballroom’s entrance, provided visitors a guided path through the space while providing a consumable infographic-based brand story at each turn.

The Glue
Associate Creative Director & Art Director