Digital Ecosystem Vision

Imagining the future of the apartment leasing experience


The Irvine Company wanted a grand, blue-sky vision of their apartment leasing experience that would allow them to create a roadmap for the future implementation.

Research and Discovery

Since none of us on the team had any experience on how the Irvine Company apartment leasing process actually worked we had to do a little research before coming up with any solutions.

First, we met with an experienced sales consultant and he led us through a typical apartment tour appointment. Next, we conducted a phone interview with a newer, less-experienced sales consultant to get a broader perspective of what the sales consultants would want or need. Through this process we were able to identify some common pain points and begin formulating ideas on what could be a great leasing experience.

The User Journey

To help frame our vision, we created a user journey that followed the converging paths of the potential tenant and sales consultant from the moment an appointment was a scheduled until a lease was signed.

This journey would highlight a cohesive suite of digital tools that would optimize the sales consultant’s daily workflow (both at the desk, or on a tour via an iPad), allow potential tenants the ability to personalize their tour experience, have location-based content activations and an easy way of presenting the daily calculated leasing term rates. There was also an automated email feature send the potential tenant a recap of their tour and the leasing rates for the day.

The Glue
Associate Creative Director & Art Director