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Food Safety Resources App


In response to the changing food safety regulations that farmers (growers and packers) needed to abide by, our client (a former food safety specialist) sensed an opportunity to create a turn-key food safety solution that would would be a complete, robust tool for food safety compliance, documents, training materials and information. The team at the Glue was brought in to build a MVP/v1 that would live on the web, iOS and android platform.

Analog to Digital

One of the questions we asked the client when we first met was: “What do farmers do currently to keep their food safety records up to date?” The answer was that it depended on the farmer. Some wrote on pieces of paper while they were in the field which would then be tossed in their truck, only to have to search for it later so they could enter it in a spreadsheet on their home computer. Others who were a bit more tech savvy might bring a laptop or ipad and take notes in their truck.

Since our target audience spanned the spectrum of technological fluency, we decided that the user experience of this app would be focused upon providing the quickest path to their desired action. With that in mind, we decided to have surface our user’s top needs into three floating action buttons. By leveraging the FABs (thanks material design) the users could create a new report log or do a global search for past records and content at a click of a button. The third FAB activated a main menu that would provide pathways to other important but secondary aspects of the app.

The Glue
Associate Creative Director & Art Director