Personalized engagement for a massive and diverse audience


The Objective

Promote the Call of Duty: Ghosts game launch. Engage gamers to be excited for all things Call of Duty throughout the calendar year.

The Approach

People get tons of email so the challenge was to create promotion emails that would cut through the clutter and engage instead of being ignored or deleted. Each concept was based off an aspect of CoD culture that would resonate with the audience.

Associate Creative Director

Keeping it Personal

To create content that was curated specifically for each individual user the technology team evolved the personalization that they had created the previous year. By parsing user gameplay data, the personalization engine would be able to compose a weekly newsletter email that had would have content based off your previous week's gameplay activity.

If you were a n00b and weren't doing so well, you would get content that focused on tips or tricks. If you were crushing the competition, you would be able to see the statistical breakdown of your domination. Providing relevant content would allow the gamer to remain engaged with the game over an extended period of time.

Over 300 unique content modules were created to fit within a responsive design framework that would allow the emails to be optimized for mobile.


The Response & Results

The Ghost promotional launch email series directly generated $6 million in sales while the weekly newsletters increased player gameplay by 38 minutes per player.

The emails also captured the attention of the media, blogs and influencers (on more than one occasion while fans voiced their excitement with screenshots of the emails on social media. Additionally, immediately following the launch of the personalized newsletter program there was a 350% increase in social media activity (mostly positive) referencing Call of Duty emails.